Modern trends in Industrial Automation, Process Control and Robotics

Modern trends in Industrial Automation, Process Control and Robotics

Globalisation, growing Technology and their development increasingly influence Automation in industry. And, it plays an important role in the global economy and in our daily lives. The most effective and visible part of modern Industrial Automation is the Industrial robotics. Fully automated process control Robots have contributed greatly to improve the productivity of virtually all manufacturing industries throughout the world. And, almost all the process monitoring systems installed as a part of plant or production process are basically Digital Control Systems DCS connected by digital networks.

Evolution of Automation
Automation had existed for many years, in the form of simple mechanical devices to automate simple manufaturing tasks. With the addition of specialised hardwired computer, named as Programmable Logic Controllers PLC automation became more practical to control almost any industrial process. PLCs are used to synchronize the flow of inputs from physical Sensors with the flow of outputs to actuators. Now, Engineers strive to combine automated devices with mathematical and organizational tools to create complex systems for a rapidly expanding range of applications and human activities. The new transactions will define automation very broadly, including applications such as DNA chip and biological sample handling, agriculture, security, demining, healthcare, transportation, as well as the myriad of applications related to manufacturing.

Modern Trends
The purpose of automation has shifted from increasing productivity and reducing costs, to broader issues, such as increasing safety, quality and flexibility in the manufacturing process. With the help of DCS and wireless network, and in combination with the self-tuning, self-diagnosing and optimizing features, it is possible to make both startup activity and operational routines of a complicated process much easier and more efficient. DCS also offer process modeling and simulation, something that can improve operator training a great deal.

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